Hungry? Eat at Chili's!

Take the following voucher to Chili's on Collins Road in Cedar Rapids and they will donate 15% of your purchase to the ski team! Enjoy some good food and raise money for the ski team a the same time! It's a win-win for every one! Take them to work, share them with your friends & family! But- Remember you need to take the following coupon with you... (This offer is good April 1 till September 30 of 2015) Chilis_2015 You can download the following pdf to print out 4 coupons to a page. 4-to-a-page coupon

2015 Schedules Finalized

Our 2015 show schedule has been finalized. Checkout the "Watch a Show" page and the "Members" page for the full schedules. The 2015 public Learn-to-Ski clinics have also been scheduled.  Checkout the "Join the Fun" page for all the details.

The 2014 Season Has Ended....

Thanks to all of the spectators for coming down to Ellis Park this year and letting us entertain you. YOU are why we perform! We hope to see you again next year!   Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us provide family entertainment to the Cedar Rapids area.  We hope you will support us again next year!  We can't do it without you!